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Break Up Poems
Break Me

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Go on destroy me

Stomp on my reality

Slap me with your words

Burn me with your hatred

Go on blame me

Kill the last of my pride

Fill me with agonizing guilt

Drown me with misery

Go on kill me

Slowly shatter my dreams

Shout it to my face

Make me nothing

Isn't enough?

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I hurt too don't you know?

I suffer horribly

My spirit is withering

Go on break me

I'll still be smiling

Smile like the sun will never set

Smile like I still have my own sunshine

Who needs pride?

I still hold my head up high

I hold it high

Even when it's meaning is already lost to me

Who needs to live?

I don't

Who needs a dream?

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It's shattered.

Go on break me

You can't break me anymore

Go on break me…

I'm already broken


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More Break Up Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Next Page