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Emo Love Poems

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I kill with a knife
so sharp and thick
make people bleed
as much as I cry
and as much as I hurt
everyday when I walk
hiding my tears behind a smile
so people think
Im just a simple girl

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no problems and blind of pain
just stupid and ignorant
but they dont know
the nights I come home to
to be alone
to fight against the shadows
telling me
It's all your fault
you hurt them all
you stab them in the back
so now stab yourself in your heart
slice your wrist
make everything go dark
and cold
just like your heart
but now it's red
and then I feel
the tears fall down
the sign of weakness
the thing that shows I'm breaking
that I'm cracked
that I aint whole anymore
but even broken
and shattered
they kick me more
dont let me sleep
I'm up all night

with lights all around

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I try to pray
it failed me before
It didnt stop the killing
It just got worse
so tell me what I'm suppose to do


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More Emo Love Poems Page 1