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Free Love Poems
To The Wishing Heart

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Some days,

On nights like these

Where the stars out number our worries

And the wind sings in time with the trees,

I can see you dancing under the moon

With nothing but a carefree smile

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And an open heart.

Like a child, so innocent,

Wanting to stay just a little while,

To escape the insecurities

And the sorrows

Of everyday life.

And there you were,


Like there's no tomorrow,

And I remember the glint of freedom in your eyes

And the way they looked at me,

Without a care,

Without a trouble,

Sailing in the gentle breeze.

You took my hand

With my heart on your shoulder

And opened a door

To a thousand dreams.

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And ever since I have never wanted to part

From such a wonderful boy

With a wishing heart.


Wriiten By Celest


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More Free Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | Next Page