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Girlfriend Poems
Life Support

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That look in your eyes is all I need.

Just how much I need you, I still can’t believe,

How I came to find someone like you.

The way I feel when you put your arms around me,

Everything inside of me seems to feel all right.

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Sometimes all I want is to sleep with you at night.

All I need from you is to hear ‘I Love You’.

Just those three words and you command my heart.

And, sometimes my mind wanders…do you feel this too?

My heart is exploding with thoughts of mistakes

I need to see you soon or I just might break

Down inside without you by my side.

And now that we seem to have it figured out,

I’ll do anything and everything to see that you are happy.

And when you laugh, and when you cry, I’ll be there by your side.

Please tell me that you Love me,

Tell me we’re ok.

And when everything in life just seems to go downhill,

Tell me you’ll be there for me,

Tell me you’ll be still.

And you’re everything I need,

You’re all I really want.

And everything inside of you is all I want in me.

Your smile, your touch, your grace,

That cute look on your face.

You’re everything that’s right.

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So wont you be my life support

Anything and everything I’ll ever need

You don’t need to say a thing, just say you’ll be with me


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More Girlfriend Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Next Page