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Girlfriend Quotes

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Music is like girlfriends to me;
I'm continually astonished
by the choices other people make.


A girlfriend is probably
the only person in this world,
who understands exactly
what you are saying
even though if you
may not really be talking.

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If you can make a girl laugh
- you can make her do anything


Well, a girlfriend once
told me never to fight
with anybody you don't love.


My girlfriend
still doesn't know
why her sweaters
are always stretched out.


A girl's legs are her best friends,
but the best of friends must part.


There are no good girls gone wrong
- just bad girls found out.


Because I have a girlfriend,
I try and take the
straight and narrow path,
which is good
because it prevents VD

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Women now,
we can juggle a lot of things.
We're not just
girlfriends or love interests.
So that's really great to
not just make her the chick
and give her something to do.


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More Girlfriend Quotes Page 1 | 2 | Next Page