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Good Pick Up Lines

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When I'm older,
I'll look back at all
of my crowning memories,
and think of the day my children were born,
the day I got married,
and the day that I met you.


I know somebody that
thinks they might like you alot.
And if i wasnt so shy,
I would tell you who it is.

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I’ve got a table at Avenue
if you wanna swing by.


If you go out with me,
you'd be my dream date


What does it feel like to be
the most beautiful girl in this room?


Do you believe in helping the homeless?
(If yes) Take me home with you.


I'm trying an experiment tonight.
I want fall in love,
have a woman fall in love with me,
and walk away.
All in one night.


I couldn’t help noticing you,
and wanted to introduce myself


Remember me?
Oh, that's right,
I've met you only in my dreams.


Do you think I should have
my private jet gold-plated?


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You've got a good smile
and I'd like to go out with you


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More Good Pick Up Lines Page 1 | 2 | Next Page