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Heartbreak Poems

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Think upon many things don’t utter a word

Your silence is given and received

The game was a foolish one yet you decided to play

Not knowing the answers,

You took the chance anyway

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So to me you spoke of

An old flame that meant more to you

Not wanting to be the fool caught

In a love triangle

I told you to go be with the one to whom

Your heat is true


Inside rage was building

Outside the cold began to swell

Harsh, quick answers to your questions

While you thought on who would be best for you

A call from you a few days later

Showed me that we weren’t meant to be


A test you called it in which I was the pawn

Failure was the grade I was marked down on

These were the words you uttered to me

My failure is now my success as I can now see

A way to end this relationship of frivolousness

Games that should have been left behind

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Cruel is the word

Thrown at me as I tell you goodbye

It rings in my ear and seeps in my heart

Yes cruel, maybe that’s what I am

But fool is what you are


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More Heartbreak Poems Page 1 | 2 | Next Page