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Heartbroken Poems

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Falling with broken wings
Torn apart at the seams
Been shot down again and I’m
Losing the heart of my dreams

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I leave no trace in the ground
When I hit rock bottom
I hear them screaming -
“I know I got ‘em!”


My feet are bleeding
And I have to keep running
Words whispered to me
Aren’t you oh so cunning?


My heart is panicking
Trying to escape its prison
I feel it stop beating
Everything’s fading from vision


It’s lonely down here
As I scream your name
I curse myself for thinking
This was more than a game


Face down in the dirt
Coughing up your lies
I choke on the pain
And slowly close my eyes


I can’t get up this time
My legs seemed paralyzed
And my back is broken
I don’t want to live this life

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I’m letting go now
I’m fading away
I hope you’ll realize
That I never had my say


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More Heartbroken Poems Page 1 | 2 | Next Page