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I Love You Like Quotes

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A hug for you means I need you.
A kiss for you means I love you.
A call for you means I'm missing you.


The words I love you are not for anyone
to say from their mouth to their beloved one.
It's a feeling that you can whisper to
each other from heart-to-heart without saying it aloud.


All my dreams came true
the day that I met you.
I Love You!

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Everytime the wind blows,
I whisper, 'I LOVE YOU!


I love you without knowing how,
or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly,
without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way.


Everytime I say I love you...
I'm really trying to say so much
more than those three little words.
I'm trying to say you mean more to
me than anyone else in the world.
I'm trying to let you know that I adore you
and that I cherish the time we spend together.
I'm trying to explain that I want you and that I need you
and that I get lost in wonderful
thoughts every time I think about you.
And each time I whisper "I love you",
I'm trying to remind you that you're
the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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Gotta let you know that I love you,
gotta let you know that I care,
gotta let you know that for you,
I'll always be there.


831 means 'I Love You'
8 letters
3 words
1 meaning.


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