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Short Stories


Love Stories


Life Is A Gift - A valuable lesson on how life itself is a gift and how we should always treasure people around us.

Do Your Best - Read about why you should always give hundred percent for any relationship you commit yourself in.

Abortion - Sad and touching letter by an unborn foetus. Please read this story if you are considering aborting a baby!

We'll Remember You - A story about remembering one's true love who is no longer around.

Jacelyn - Heartbreaking tale about how we should always express our feelings or live a life of regrets.

I Love You Darling - Meaningful story educating us about how to face difficulties in life bravely and not push the blame on everyone else.

You Are The Boy - Who is the love of your life? For one girl, the love of her life is a very special boy who is unique to her in so many different ways. Read on to find out more!


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