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Love Letters And Poems
Love Letter

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This started out
As a love letter
But as most go
This will end with hate
You can wear your heart
Out on your sleeve
For all the world to see
But does that mean anything
Without it being appreciated
By the only person
You wanted to appreciate it?

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To the one I love the most,
To the one who makes the doves soar
In my always blue sky,
To the one who held me
Through so many cold nights
To keep me safe from loneliness,
To the only one I’ll ever say this to,
To the one who holds my heart,
To the one who holds my destiny,

Dear you,
I was thinking of you again
For the millionth time
A second
I thought of what I would say to you
And decided to get
Right to the point
The very core -
Very soul of my existence -
My reason for living.
I stumbled upon
Some interesting information
While searching through my heart
That I thought you might be interested
In learning, thought it might
Mean as much to you
As it does to me.
As it turns out,
I love you.
My heart beats for you.
My mouth smiles for you.
My body yearns for you
Whenever you aren’t near.
My hands reach for you
In the darkness of night.
My eyes search for you
In places I know you’d never be.
Yes, I suppose
I love you.
In the back of my heart
I know this isn’t all in vain.
No, you love me too.
It’s in the way you look at me
When you think that I’m not looking.
It’s in the way you touch me
So gentle and comforting
When we steal a moment alone.
It’s in the way you held me
When I drifted in and out of sleep.
It’s in the way you would do anything
To get close to me.
It’s in the way you told me
We’d be together
You’d wait for me forever
Take me away wherever . . .
We could be together.
It’s in the way
You whispered in my ear
With your arms wrapped around me
As you thought I was asleep
“I’ll never break your heart.”
Our destinies are intertwined
Carved in stone
We’ll always be together
In one way or another.
I remember you’re jealousy
When anyone came close to me.
I remember my own jealousy
When your lips wrapped around
A burning cigarette
Instead of me
As I burned for you.
So, there is no denying
I love you.
And I can almost hear you
With your thick accent
Reminding me
You love me too.
I know you do.
And I’ll never be alone
If you’re love shines through
The darkness.
Because even without you’re body
Next to me in bed
While I try to sleep without you,
I know you’re just like me
Hugging a pillow
Pretending I’m with you.
Someday I’ll be with you.
That was the promise you made to me.
But did you only say that
Because you thought I was going to die?
I tell myself you’d never lie,
Could never lie,
Not to me,
No not to me.
But a nagging voice
In the back of my mind
Questions why,
If you loved me so,
Did you stop being with me?
I know you missed me.
You said so yourself.
Told me about how depressed you’d get
Whenever you thought about me
And how I couldn’t be with you
And you’d take artificial happiness
Just to get through the lonely days.
I heard through the grape vine,
That maybe you were scared to go on
Loving me
Knowing you could loose me.
Was that it?
Please . . .
Tell me, I need to know.
Oh, I still love you.
But don’t worry, honey,
Loving you only hurts
Every second
Of every moment
Of every day
That I’m not with you -
That I feel as though it’s unrequited.
It can’t be unrequited,
Our passions were too strong
Our love was too deep.
I’m writing to ask you
To please just tell me it isn’t unrequited.
I’m writing to tell you
The stars we laid under
While you whispered your love for me
Have all grown cold.
I’m writing to let you know
I’m letting go.
It takes two to tango, baby.
And I can’t keep walking
This two-way street
Lined with lovers
While I’m all alone.
And I hate you
For leaving me with nothing
For going back on the promise
You made while you thought
I was asleep,
“I’ll never break you’re heart.”
I hope you’re hearts broken too.
But my vision is hazy with love
And I know what I mean is
I hope you’re happy.
I’d lie for you
(I have)
I’d cry for you
(I have)
I’d hold my breath and die for you.
(Oh, it’s only a matter of time)
And I miss our love
But I’ll never miss missing you.
This is goodbye.
Love, Me

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From the one who loved you most,
From the one who named
The stars for you,
From the one who is lonely,
From the only one you’ll ever hear this from,
From the one who loved you
Through addictions -
Pain - and a million miles,
From the one -
Who isn’t the one,
This ended with sorrow
As most love letters do
But what’s important
Is to remember the beginning
When love was still
And so were we.
This is the heart on my sleeve.


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