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Love Notes For Him

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Date: December 28th 2011
To : My heart breaker
From: Jineth

In my heart I known it to be true
That I'm still in love with you
Now you've broken my heart
And it's fallen apart
But I understand
That I'm not part of your plan.
You were the love of my life
You still are
I guess I'll have to love afar
And wish upon a star.

Although your love has gone
still I know you're the one
After all I know it's you
that I'm still wishing for
it may be impossible that you would come anymore
However I'd love to think and assume that
you're still here
May you feel that its you and nothing more!



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Date: October 14th 2011
To : Sw8boz
From: Joy

True happiness lies in you.
Appreciate someone who is trying to care
for you in spite of the distance.
Don't love him for who you hope he will become tomorrow,
but by loving who he is today,
and not what he is, but who he is!

I miss him so much.



Date: October 9th 2011
To : Landon
From: Mica

I knew our love wouldnt last...
I knew u just played with me...
But i also knew that
when u were just messing with me...
U fell in love with me :)



Date: March 24th 2011
To : jherry rodriguez
From: sarah

I love you so much hon...
I would not live w/out you in my life...
Thank you for everything you gave it to me
and the time we spent each others..

I mizz you so much..
Mwahhhhh.. mwahhhh..
Soon we see each other...

You complete my life...
And beyond the struggles in our relationship
we would able to face it w/out fear....



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Date: August 27th 2010
To : KaRaD
From: Angie

I Love You
but I said I never did
What I feel is true
But time wont go back
At times You asked what I felt
I held on to my pride and did not admit it
Im sorry...
...wish we were meant to be.




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More Love Notes For Him Page 1