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Love Poems For Him
He Changed My Life

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I needed something, I didn't know what.

My life was empty, I was in a rut.

There was nothing to live for, no one cared.

I had no one to talk to and nothing to share.

I couldn't wait for each day to end.

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I wished all my pain would just suddenly mend.

I felt alone, I wished I would die.

All I ever would do is sit around and sigh.

Dark clouds filled my skies.

Tears would be shed as I started to cry.

One day the clouds went away.

That was when I met him that day.

He changed my life in more ways then one.

When we met that day, that's when my life finally begun.

He filled that empty hole in my heart.

He promised we would never part.

He made me like myself more.

He made my life exciting instead of a bore.

He changed my views on life.

He told me one day I'll be his wife.

Just when I had almost given up because of all my pain, and strife.

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The man of my dreams walked into my life.

So never give up and say your good-byes.

Because no one know what lies behind those dark gray skies.


Written By Melanie,
Dedicated to my sweetie, Chris


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More Love Poems For Him Page 1 | 2 | 3 | Next Page