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Love Poems And Quotes

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I try to talk to you,
but I don't know what to say.
I am afraid you don't want me
to say anything.
So I don't.
But inside of me
there are words waiting
to come out.
And tell you how I feel
- like how I miss you.
And how I love you
despite my broken heart.
And how I need you in my life.
And especially
how much I want you.
But those words may forever
stay in my heart-locked inside.
Sometimes I wonder if
there are words locked
inside you too...
but I'll never know.

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There is seemingly so little love
shared in this world,
it is not surprising
that we ask,
"Where have all the lovers gone?"
Since love is the
most vital energy for good
that is within our power to utilize,
it is puzzling why
we so seldom do so.
Love is just a useless,
abstract idea
until we put it into action...
Unless we are always
actively living in love,
we are not utilizing
the greatest gift
we have been given
and which we, in turn,
have to offer.

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I laugh - because your funny
I cry - because we are just friends
I smile - because your adorable
I frown - because your not mine
I dance - thinking about you
I sleep- dreaming about you
Im happy - when Im around you
Im sad - because I cant hold you
Im glad - because you make me smile
Im mad - because youre not mine


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More Love Poems And Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | Next Page