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My Boyfriend


Love is blind as far as the eye can see

But I know that you'll love me for eternity

And I love you back with all of my heart

Yet inside it feels like I'm being torn, ripped, yanked apart

You promised you loved me, that you'd always care

So why am I finding my feelings so hard to share?

You know me well, much more than all the rest

That in itself was an enduring quest

I want you to know how I feel right now

I would love to tell you, if you tell me how

You don't need to understand, just listen and say

"It doesn't matter, I love you anyway"

I want to be with you for the rest of my life

You said you would take me as your wife

I love you, until forever more

Even though my feelings are currently so sore

Bleeding on the inside, screaming out in pain

To get over this would surely be my gain

I want you to hold me as I sob, tell me it'll all be fine

Because my heart is yours, it is no longer mine

An emotional wreck, no longer so strong

To hear your voice is a birds sweet song

No matter how I behave, I just want to say

I love you, I wouldn't have it any other way

Just like you love me, just like you care

And one day, our lives we will share

Just you and me

For eternity...


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