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Love Stories


Love Stories  


A Love They Will Never Know - Read about how a pair of star crossed lovers will never be able to be reunite after breaking up. A modern tale of Romeo and Juliet.

Love - Embedded within this story lies an important lesson for us to learn to cherish the things around us and not ask for more. Learn to love the simplest way.

Christmas Flowers - Have you ever given your mom flowers for christmas? This story will spur you to do so if you have not done it before.

Life Is A Gift - A valuable lesson on how life itself is a gift and how we should always treasure people around us.

Letter To My Brother - Love between siblings is often understated and undervalued. However, this heartbreaking letter shows how we should treasure our family as they as the only people in this world that share the same blood as us.

The Salty Coffee - Ever tried adding salt instead of suger to coffee? Find out how it can actually taste sweeter in this cute little story.

When You Divorce Me - Sweet story about how a marriage is saved when a wife requests her husband to carry her out of the room everyday in response to a divorce.

The Rose Trust - Ever heard about a trust fund? What about a rose fund? Learn about what is a rose fund in one of the most popular and sweet story about love.

Untiring Love - Are you afraid of lizards? You shouldn't be as this heartwarming story reveals how lizards are actually capable of treasuring love more than most human beings.

Jacelyn - Heartbreaking tale about how we should always express our feelings or live a life of regrets.

Unconditional Acceptance - Love is all about unconditional acceptance. Find out how this rule applies to strangers as well.


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