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I Love You Poems
You Love Her

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You love her

that I can see...

I only wish she were me.

I have so much love for you

you love her

and your love is true.

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Your love for her is so intense

the love you share is so immense.

I know there is nothing I can do.

you love her,

and she loves you.

I loved you since day one

and I'll love till the end

and even once we're both gone,

I'll still love you then.

But you don't see this,

and you don't see me

you love her

and that's all you see.

Soon you will be married

and off out of my life...

how I wanted to be your wife.

You love her,

and that love is something I will never have

Even if I want it really bad.

You love her

and I love you.

You love her

what am I to do

You love her

and not me

but I will love you for all eternity

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so now I shall turn

my back and go

because with you

I will never be I know.


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