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Top Pickup Lines


Pick Up Lines


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Pick Up Lines From Love Story Quotes


Can you kiss me on the cheek
so I can say a cute guy kissed me tonight?


Have you ever had a guy follow you across the street
because he liked your smile?


I know somebody that
thinks they might like you alot.
And if i wasnt so shy,
I would tell you who it is.


My boys over there bet that
I wouldn't be able to start a conversation
with the most beautiful girl in the room.
Want to buy some drinks with their money?


I saw you and I thought to myself
that if I would not come to talk to you
I would kick myself later.


Hi, I have been looking for a man like you all my life.
You know, one who cooks, cleans,
and looks slightly confused when I speak.
One look at you and I knew you fit the bill.


I never do this, but I think you're cute
and I got tired of waiting for you to talk to me.


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