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Poems About Love
What Is Love

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The old saying is true: love is blind.

You would not believe all the things

you would do just for that special someone.

Love is all about the sleepless nights and daydreaming days.

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It is thinking about him and feeling empty inside,

just like your arms feel without him.

Love is wanting to hold him and never let go,

as every second apart feels like decades.

It is a disease for sure -

totally incurable.

It makes you laugh,

you're unable to wipe that smile off your face.

It makes you cry,

unable to banish those cruel tears.

Love is to be exiled from the real world forever

as you part in total silence or in harsh anger.

That is the worst episode - parting.

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The heart breaking reality of probably never seeing each other again.

A picture you, I will treasure for life,

as you look back at those sweet memories together...


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