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Romantic Poems On Love


Love Poems


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Above Or Love?


I love you more then words describe,

My love touches the sky,

Somehow I stay grounded,

To be with you.

I feel I could fly,

High above and wave good bye,

To the sorrow and pain in life,

And live in a world of love.

With you who gives everything,

Including to me happiness and lives,

Deep in my heart and soul,

Day in and day out.

I could never leave you,

For fear the world below me,

Would crumble and fall away,

To leave me forever alone in the sky.

Alone in the clouds,

Where I wanted to see,

The entire world,

And have you.

But I can’t always,

Have everything my way,

So I have to choose,

Between you and the sky.

Having doubts about my choice?

Don’t, for I will always,

Choose you,

Above the clouds.


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