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Quotes On Love

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If you love someone
Put their name in a circle not a heart,
A heart can break
But a circle goes on forever


Love is the only thing
that can make you smile
when you are all tired and haggard.


To love is to realize
that there is another person
in the world besides yourself

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Love is an act
of endless forgiveness
A tender look
which becomes a habit.


Love is…
born with the pleasure
of looking at each other;
it is fed with the necessity
of seeing each other;
it is concluded with
the impossibility of separation!


Love... once you see it, its hard to find it,
and once you find it, its hard to hide it


Love knows not distance;
it hath no continent;
its eyes are for the stars.


Love reckons
hours for months,
and days for years;
and every little absence
is an age.


Love is a never ending feeling.

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To fall in love is easy,
even to remain in it
is not difficult;
our human loneliness
is cause enough.
But it is a hard quest
worth making to find a comrade
through whose steady presence
one becomes steadily
the person one desires to be.


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More Quotes On Love Page 1 | 2 | Next Page