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Relationship Poems
Relationship In The Dust

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I sat by you,

There that day

Beneath the sun,

As we captured its rays.

We talked into the night

The light of the moon,

Burning bright

And I was free,

Free to be me

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But, If it was true love,

Truly sent from above

I'll never know

ButI surefelt a glow

It burned so bright inside of me

And with its end,

Came misery

All you said was,

"I'm sorry. It's over."

But still after that,

I couldnt think of you lower.

And for the longest time,

I couldnt let go.

Those words you said,

Were a fatal blow.

But I think I've moved on.

Those feelings for you,

are gone.

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But it doesnt stop me wondering,

If there coulve been more to us

Than a past relationship,

in the dust.


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More Relationship Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Next Page