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Rhyming Love Poems
Meaning Of Love

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Love what is love
Is it soaring through the air like a golden dove
Or does it choke you and drain you dry like a metal glove
My opinion of love is both of the above

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What is love you ask me
Is it something you can touch
Or is it something you can see
Maybe its something you can clutch
And keep with you forever
It could be something that can never sever


Sometimes I think love is just a word
Something that I understand as absurd
A word only used to lead to arousal
The word used this way is falsely real


Other times I believe love is Magical
Living free without a moral
Other than the one thought that two would be one
One and the same forever
Life time and longer their passion is never done
Liking a person for whomever
Ever growing
Never persisting
All the time both in love no need for questions


Now another way is possible
Not the best of the my scribble
When one loves another
And the other doesn't love the one
The one tends to suffer
And the other doesn't know
And the pain of the one must always show
In this case love is what I call painful
Sort of like the depression that people talk about in school
Pain is very depressing and that is never cool


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In conclusion to your question
What is love
I say its what ever you make it out to be
Both the metal glove and the golden dove
In my case It's both of the above


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