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Romance Poems
Midnight Romance

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The clouds shifted, the air drifted

By the moon, the streets were illuminated

Gentle breezes swept across

In slumberland, the town was lost

The streets were empty, the alleys were shady

The park was lonesome, except for a man and a lady

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Enjoying all the serenity

Love enchanting their sanity

Gazing into each other's eyes

Implying silent, sweet love cries

No one has a single clue

Of their midnight rendezvous

The foliage danced, the gentle wind pranced

Silently hinting for a secret chance

Their minds are washed away in dreams

Of fantasy, as emotions stream

Slowly, but surely, distance fades

Mind takes all, feelings cascade

This game of patience reaches its peak

Finally, there is something that they seek

The two lovers are closer together

This night, they know, they'll remember forever

Their lips gain contact, this is surely success

Chemistry, these two possess

Together they sit, and talk all night

Until the horizon exhibits light

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Then slowly, they part, as sunlight lurks

Soon the town would be bustling with work

But the date was sealed in a special way

With a kiss, to begin a new today


Written By Michael Wee


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More Romance Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | Next Page