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Romantic Poems
You Touched Me

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With that golden hair,

and those silver-blue eyes

you ignited the flame within my heart.

With that sweet smile and airy laughter,

you gave to me a life full of wonder.

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I never dreamed anything could be so beautiful.

I never thought I could be a part of something so unique.

I never felt this emotion before; this love.

You touched me, so gently, with those large, innocent eyes.

You touched me, so deeply, with that intelligent mind.

You touched me; so mesmerizing is your soul.

You touched me; you stole my heart,

and now I can no longer see anyone else.

To you, I give what I have failed to give to others: myself.

To you, I give my love, something that has just recently surfaced.

To you, I give my all... And with that, I mean my heart.

You touched me as I hope I have touched you.

You believed in me as I believe in you.

You came to me; you caught me as I fell;

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You embraced me, held me tight while the wind howled,

and tried to drive me away.

You loved me.

And I will eternally love you.


To my Wanderer, my love; Caitlin.

Yours Eternally, Chris


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