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Romantic Love Poems
The Season Of Romance

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The season of romance has arrived

The tress are decorated and mistletoe hung high

Couples sit close to the fire embracing each other

Enthralled by sweet compassion and care

Recently I’ve found myself searching

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For something wrapped in perfection

You can’t cover it with tissue paper or appealing bows

All I need is one good love and one hand to hold

I’ve been missing this portion of my heart

While I’ve searched I’ve missed the one right beside me

The thought never crossed my mind to find everything in him

No, he’s not the one I’ve dreamt many dreams of

But he surely has a heart of gold and delicate eyes of sapphire

All in which compel me to smile with much delight

My heart is on my sleeve, it’s yours to own with intense compassion

My heart has been damaged before more than once

Please pick me up and love me softly with fiery affection

I want to be lost in your sweet embrace

And drowned with precious eloquent gestures

But only one love can touch this committed heart

I want my love to be like the love of two young children

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When holding hands was so cherished and a sudden kiss was unheard of

Let’s go back to those days so our love will never vanish

This is all I ask of you my love please reply delicately

Give me an answer in a quite whisper, no one needs to hear

Nothing is more important then you and me right now

Lets make this fairy tale wish come true with a blissful happy ending


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