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Romantic Poems For Him
First Kiss

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We walked together hand-in-hand,

And between our toes we felt the sand.

I listened close as you talked to me,

As we walked alone beside the sea.

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Then we discussed the movie we'd seen,

With Nicholas Cage & Charlie Sheen.

But as the sun began to set,

More than just my feet got wet.

For we were laying on the shore -

he asked if we could be something more

Than just the friends we'd always been,

The best of friends since we were ten.

And then I smiled and told him yes,

I didn't realize, I should have guessed.

He came a little closer to me,

What he did next you should have seen.

He placed his mouth upon my lips,

And slid his hands down under my hips.

His touch was soft, he held me close,

I hoped that he would never let go.

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We lay there kissing, holding one another,

We knew that we were meant for each other.

And to this day I love that boy,

He is my world, my life, my joy.


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