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A Love They Will Never Know Part 3

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Hence, she asked, "Well why didn’t you do anything for him?"
"Ma'am, there was nothing we could do. We tried our best we could but there was nothing we could do. We are sorry."
Tears streamed down her face like a waterfall. Everything the policeman said on the phone became a blur.
Then he yells, "Ma'am, are you still there?"
"Yes I am, sorry. What is it?"
"Well we found something on him. It’s a letter. It’s written to you."
"Oh. What does it say?"
"Ma'am, are you sure you want to hear it? We understand that you are in a delicate state right now. Maybe it would be in your best interests to read it at another time?"
"Please just read it to me."
"Ok Ma'am, this is what it says."
She can tell that he is a little upset himself as he gets his voice together. She puts the phone tighter to her ear.

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"My dearest love,

I don’t know how this happened between us. I wished we could have been together forever like in your favourite movie. However, it did not work out and I know why. I never said what I wanted to say to you. I never told you how much you meant to me, how much I really love you and how you made my world complete.

I did not tell you I was leaving. I know it was stupid of me. I just figured that you would not have cared anyway. Therefore, I left. I could not accept us not being together but I wanted you to be happy. Hence, I let you move on with your life. I figured that it would be easy this way as in time, you would forget about me although I would never forget about you. I love you too much and I always will.

I probably won't give this letter to you either. I just want to give you your wish. Forget about me. I just hope that someday a man will love you as much as I did and I wish you can make him as happy as you made me everyday. I love you forever and ever baby. I will miss you. I will think about you. I just wish I told you how I really felt and told you that all the times we fought, I was in the wrong and very sorry from the bottom of my heart."

That was the end of the letter. She was in total hysteria. She was shaking so badly that she could not even hold on to the phone. All she could think of was how she never tell him how she felt and how she will never get the chance to do so again. The officer went on to say something else.

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"Ma'am, are you still there?"
"Yes I’m here. Was that all of it?"
"Yes that was all. Once again I'm truly sorry. He really loved you I guess?"
"Yes he did, and I never accepted it. I truly loved him too."
"I know this hurts a lot Ma'am, but remember he would not want you to mourn. He wants you to be happy."
"Yeah well that’s a little hard as I won't be happy without him. I will never be able to tell him I love him more than words can speak."
"Yes I know that is tough. The best thing you can do is just love him even though he isn’t here. Remember he will always love you, even now."
"Yes, thank you."
"Well I have to call his parents and let them know. Are you going to be okay?"
"I will be fine. Thank you for letting me know and reading the note to me."
"You are welcome. Goodbye."


After his death, she couldn’t be happy ever again. She never told him how she ever felt in the past and had lost her opportunity. She spent the rest of her life, never really being herself anymore. She visited his grave for an hour everyday. She wanted to feel his presence. Some days, she felt his warmth on her and she knew that he was there with her. After many years, she passed away and her last wish was to be buried to the only man she ever loved so they can be together again.

By Bruceman


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