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Sad Love Poems
Meant To Be?

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Since the day you left me,

I've never been the same.

The tears just won't stop falling,

But only I'm to blame.

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What I meant to say,

What I should have said,

All those days are gone

But the memories raid my head.

Now that I'm living without you

Things have gotten worse.

Then you find someone new,

This news just really hurts.


But it's slowly getting better,

It's just a test of time,

Hoping I'll forget you,

Or someday you'll be mine.

But again I get my hopes up,

Soon to be let down,

I have to face the facts -

You are no longer around.

You've gone on with your life.

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I guess now I should see

That even though I love you,

Some things weren't meant to be.


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More Sad Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Next Page