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Sad Love Poems That Make You Cry
Pathetic Little Me

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Tears are shedding from my eyes,

Desperate screams and lonesome cries.

Feeling lost and in despair,

What you've done just isn't fair.

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You took me for granted and broke my heart,

You stole something from me and ripped it apart.

You left me hurting and didn't care,

You left me in this horrible nightmare.

You never looked back at what you had done,

You played your game and had your fun.

Well, this game you played wasn't fun for me,

You tore me apart and filled me with misery.

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One day after your games are through,

It'll all turn around and happen to you.

And when it does, just call out my name,

And still I will be there to comfort your pain.


Wirtten By Mary


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