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Sad Love Poems For Him
Love Doesn't Exist In My World

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You said you loved me.

Why did you lie?

You said you'd never leave,

Then said goodbye.

You said you cared for me,

But actions speak louder than words.

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I've closed my heart to love -

It doesn't exist in my world.

I'm too afraid of loving.

You stole away my trust.

I can't live in my shadow,

I have to change, I MUST,

But how can I learn to love once more?

I can't remember since you walked out the door.

When I see you in the street,

I cross to the other side.

I can't even look at you,

You stole away my pride.

You stole away everything -

my LOVE, my MIND, my HEART -

I need to get away from you,

I need a brand new start.

I can't continue to live like this,

I need a warm and loving kiss

The gentle arms, and caring words,

They're the things I miss

But how can I learn to trust again?

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I lost my trusting part

Ever since you walked away

and stole all the love from my heart.


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