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Sad Love Poetry
Just Remember

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There are times of joy,

There are times of sorrow,

But it's the joy that I remember the most,

Cuz those were the times when you were there,

To cheer me up whenever I was down,

Even though you never knew you were.

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As I lay myself down to sleep every night,

I wonder what you're thinking.

And if you remember me.

And I wonder if you remember those days,

Those days when I watched you smile and laugh.

So thank you for being there,

Even thought you never knew it.

For a simple image of your smiling face

Can light up the rest of my day.

And even though YOU may never understand,

Just remember

That there will always be a person out there,

Who will always remember you.

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And love you.

And that person,

That ONE person,

Will be me.


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More Sad Love Poems Prev Page | 1 | 2 | 3 | Page 4