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Short Love Poems
A Winter Night

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On a cozy winter night, the mood finally seems right

The fire is warm and the lights are low

I feel his security, with his arms around me

Over the years, we've been best friends.

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Because our friendship has never come to an end.

But now we've both become awake,

And I realize that this boy is not a fake.

He looks at me, with glistening brown eyes

And all of a sudden my heart begins to melt and die.

His smile makes my love become stronger

And now the night seems even longer

The feeling inside seems a little different

Because I know that love has always been meant


His best quality seems to be his listening ear

And the fact that he can take away all my fears

We turn to look each other in the eyes.

As he lays his hand on my cheek

A simple act of kindness knows this is right.

But for a kiss with him, I'll never put up a fight.

The night is getting shorter and the fire is getting duller.

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His arms begin to let go of me and I begin to turn around.

Looking at me as if I were alone

He says to me in a lovely tone "I'll never know,

If you ever knew, that I will forever and always love you."


Written By Laura


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