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Inspirational Stories


Love Stories


Friends - Love between friends can often lead to a turning point in one's life. See how little gestures on our part can have a deep inmpact on our friends.

Miracle Of Love - Cute story about how a budding love seek those who least expect it in the midst of one's busy life.

Untiring Love - Are you afraid of lizards? You shouldn't be as this heartwarming story reveals how lizards are actually capable of treasuring love more than most human beings.

Sweet Chocolate - Chocolate and teenagers are a potent mix for love. Read about how a girl finds new love with the help of chocolate.

She Was Not Beautiful - Falling in love with someone who is not beautiful can actually be the most beautiful thing that happened in a person's life.

Christmas Flowers - Have you ever given your mom flowers for christmas? This story will spur you to do so if you have not done it before.


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