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She Was Not Beautful Part 1

She Was Not Beautiful Part 1 | 2 | Next Part


She was not beautiful. Nothing about her was extraordinary. Nothing about her made her stand out in a crowd. She grew up in a family of six and being the eldest, she learned to be responsible at an early age.

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As she grew stronger and brighter, she helped to cheer the people around her. She was not beautiful, but she made others feel better themselves. She met a boy rebel who thinks he is a man. She befriends him and teaches him to read. They became good friends and she fell in love with her rugged and handsome student.

However, the 'man' finds himself in love with another girl. She was beautiful and had deep blue eyes and fine silky hair. He tells his tutor that it seemed as if she had a halo around her head like a beautiful ‘angel.' Upon hearing this, the tutor swallows a lump in her throat. She was not beautiful, she would not be able to compete with the ‘angel’ he loved, but she did not care. As long as he is happy, she will be happy. She helped him write the most beautiful letters to his ‘angel’. As she was writing the letters, she imagined herself receiving those very letters. She also helped him to choose the right clothes, say the right words and buy the right gifts for his ‘angel’.

His ‘angel’ brought him much joy but much pain for the tutor who cries behind her smiles. But that never stopped her from giving more than she will ever receive. Then one day, the ‘angel’ left him for another richer and more successful man. The boy was stunned. He was so hurt that he did not speak for days. The tutor went to him and he cried on her shoulders and she cried with him.

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He was hurt and she was too. Time went by and the wounds healed. By now, the boy realizes something about his friend/tutor. Something he never realized before. He realizes how heavenly her laughter sounded and how her smiles brightened up the darkest days. He also realizes how beautiful she simply looked to him!


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She Was Not Beautiful Part 1 | 2 | Next Part