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True Love Poems
True Love

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They said it's easy.
To fall in love.
To be happy.
Let yourself.
Thats what they said.


I say different.
It's hard you see.
To find someone,
To just understand.

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The falling part is easy.
Love, not so much.
Hearts are fragile.
Not meant for these stunts.


So we use are bodies for the hard parts.
Misused and abused.
I have a few bruises myself.
But they'll heal.
My heart may not.


Looking for someone.
Who enjoys the touch just as much.
Appreciates a hand with in a hand.
See's the beauty in bare naked skin.
Who understands that kissing with your eyes open is just as bad as sin.


Who pauses right before every kiss,
to savor the moment.
Who knows that a bubble gum ring,
given the right way,
can be worth so much more than any diamond ring.
Who understands that a single rose is more romantic than a bouquet.
And fancy dinner is nothing,
compared to a home cooked meal or a picnic in the park.

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But not many understand you see.
Culture has commercialized love.
That's what it is.


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More True Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | Next Page