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True Love Quotes

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However rare true love may be,
it is less so than true friendship.


Every Love gone wrong is one step
closer to your one true love


In true love
the smallest distance
is too great,
and the greatest distance
can be bridged.

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A true man does not need
to romance a different girl every night,
a true man romances
the same girl for the rest of her life.


The mark of a true crush,
Is that you fall in love first,
And grope for
reasons afterward.


True love is magical.
You've casted a spell over me,
and no matter how hard I try,
I can never seem to love anyone
but you.


The first time I saw you
I knew it was true.
That I'd Love you forever
And that's what I'll do.


They say that time will dry the tears...
but true love burns for a thousand years...


A true lover
always feels in debt
to the one he loves.

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Love which has been tested
by distance and obstacles,
and has passed, is true love.


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More True Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | Next Page