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True Love Stories
We'll Remember You Part 1

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Have you ever met someone who stole your heart or took your breathe away?
Have you ever wondered if there was someone out just for you and no one else? From the moment that Audrey saw him walk through the door, she couldn’t help but to stare at what was in front of her. It was as if nothing else mattered. For a moment, time had stopped and everything was moving in slow motion. She knew from the bottom of my heart that he was the one. True love is lit by a light with a never ending flame so why does it died? A question most will never understand but I guess it’s true what people say,
“All good things come to an end whether we choose for it to or not.”

It was about 8 o’clock, the night was young. Audrey and I wanted to go out and have some fun. I called Audrey to see if she was ready to go out yet but she was still getting herself ready.
“I’ll be ever there in about 30 minutes or so.”
I told her. You could tell from the tone of her voice that she was ready to go out and make history. Little did she know that this was a night that would eventually change the rest of her life. It was around 10 o’clock when we arrived at the club. Standing at the bar waiting for our drinks she noticed him coming through the door. She had never met him but had a look in her eyes as if she had loved him before.

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“Audrey? Audrey?”
There was no response from her. I could see that she was looking at him. He was about 5’9”, kinda thin with a good build, nicely dress but something just didn’t seem right.
I asked again and she finally turned to look at me,
“Come on, let’s go check out the people here.”
She grabbed her drink and walked slowly behind me.

The club was starting to fill up. More and more people started to hit the dance floor. Audrey and I was dancing when he came over.
“Hi, my name is Frank. Can I dance with you lovely ladies?”
he politely asked.
I responded.

After dancing for a little bit Audrey and I decided to take a break. Frank came
along and we all started to talk. We told him we were gonna go to the bathroom and he asked if we could come back and talk a little more. I told him sure if he didn’t move and he calmly nodded his head yes. While in the bathroom Audrey turns to me and asks,
“So what you think of him? I think he likes you.”
She knew where my heart was though.

After the restroom, we went back to Frank and we all started dancing again. The three of us had so much fun that it seemed as if the night had come to an end too soon. As we were leaving, Frank asked if he could have our numbers. Audrey gave him her number and we left.

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They started to talk and eventually got together. It turns out that Frank is the youngest of three kids who was from a little town two hours from up north of us. To show her how much he cared for her he would visit her almost every weekend when he was off work. She would go visit too but he preferred her not to because of the long drive. After two years of dating, Audrey and Frank’s relationship was still strong as ever although Frank’s parents didn’t think that Audrey was good enough for him. He was able to keep their thoughts on the side and follow his heart of what he felt for her.


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We'll Remember You Part 1 | 2 | 3 | Next Part