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Love Poems For Weddings
Love You

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To Sam my husband, as I can call you
From this day forward now
Our day has been truly magical
and filled with lots of wow


My love for you without a doubt
will last forever and a day
and will I ever let you go?
there really is no way

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I love the way you make me special
the way you love me back
even when I nag and moan
You never give me the sack


Everything you do for me is done
with love and care
even when you buy me goodies
and I don't want to share


Our day has come for us to say
we are husband and wife
and as we always said we would
be together our whole life


My husband, my friend, my forever and always
even when we are apart for days and days
our love will never go away that I am truly sure
as you really are the man I was always looking for

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One more thing for me to say
on our special wedding day
I truly love you with all my heart
and this my darling is just the start

Love you




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